Human EngineerⓇ

What is “Human EngineerⓇ”?

It is a registered trademark in the USA because it is an innovative teaching system to get results through engineering work rather than guessing work. All unhealthiness (illness) come from three areas that correspond with the human constitution; physical - somatogenic, mental - psychogenic, and spiritual - neogenic. In modern times, more and more people are suffering from psychological diseases. Such as; Anger, depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, many disorders,  disrespect, misbehaviors, etc. All of these illnesses can be fixed naturally with mental development. That is what a “Human EngineerⓇ” does.

I have been training and teaching Taekwondo all my life for over half a century. The most important reason I spent all of my life is I want to find, "Who I am and what I am." Without my own identity, I can't live my life, but live someone else's life. That will be a very unhappy life. Unfortunately, too many people never have accomplished that mission. Edward Young (1683 - 1765) said. “We are all born originals - why is it so many of us die copies?”

Check it out through my google review from previous students and try an introductory course for your own experience.

You may ask, “Is it possible?” or “How can you do that?”

My answer is simple. If we know clearly what it is we can get it done easily, but if we don’t know we are suffering. For example, everyone wants to be more confident, but not everyone. Why not everyone? Simply, we don’t know what confidence is and how to gain it. What other reason can it be? This area is categorized as human resource development. Its features are unlimited areas and everyone can have as much as wants without any limit, just need to know exactly how to get it. This is “human potential development.” Everyone possesses an unlimited amount of human potential. Simply, everyone needs to develop it. The problem is we don't know how, yet. My profession is teaching, I must know what it is to get the result. No one ever pays me because they like me. Did you ever get paid because they like you?

Since this is a new teaching system to develop human potential, every parent can benefit from this program as well as all the teachers. Therefore, I am offering;

  1. Licensing program for the title of “Human EngineerⓇ

  2. Home and online classes for students

  3. Pre-record courses for different topics.

Please take it as you need.

USPTO service mark registration certificate for "HUMAN ENGINEER".

Primarily, building you to be an individual, this is done by holistic approach of body, mind and spirit, through learning “insight” of life and life skills. Perhaps, this is the most difficult task to accomplish to every given person! Second, takes a holistic health approach, by blending Eastern philosophies, wisdom and remedies that the west can’t offer. Please refer recreational healing post soon to be posted. Additionally, have a program to make you a guru (teacher or instructor) and to promote a strong and competent leader. Anyone want to be an better leader, existing instructor, CEO, and teacher consider this program. Please refer leadership will be posted soon. Finally, Human EngineerⓇ have and can offer a solution for current education systems problem. – please refer to “The Current Education System has Failed! But Why?” blog posting

Basic Strategy of the Human Engineer:

What does everyone want in their life, but not everyone has?

There are many that could be mentioned, so here are just a few primary desires:

  • Happiness
  • Success
  • Identity – Autonomy
  • Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Focus, Attention
  • Leadership
  • Meaning of life

Why do the majority of people not achieve these?


1. People are not able to clearly define each item, so there is a lack of understanding. “What is it?”, is the question to answer precisely to gain the “insight”.

2. Dynamics of the processes are complex, without purpose, they have no direction, and meaningless.“Why do we want it?”, is the question to answer.

3. After they googled an answer, they are not able to follow through because of lack of confidence and discipline. “How to get it?”, is the question to answer.

Therefore, Master JH Lee (Human EngineerⓇ) will approach all the topics in the same fashion:

First: define each topic, so we gain insight.

Second: clarify why we need it, so that the purpose is understood.

Third: develop a strategy, so it will be easy to accomplish. Provide a step by step plan will generate motivation and fun.

Lastly, the term is a story of the grace of God. It is where my spiritual journey has brought me. Thanking for “Good News” – It is all about Gospel

Studying at Master Lee’s Joonbi Taekwondo is more than just martial arts training. The lessons here develop students to recognize their true potential.

Contact the studio today for more information about the Human Engineer teaching system, and explore the video blog section of this website for additional comments on the topic.

Allow yourself to see all that the Human Engineer can do for you!

Ⓒ 2014 Jeeho Lee,

Human EngineerⓇ