Testimonial Letters

"Thank you for being my Taekwondo Master and helping me realize what self confidence means. I have also learned a lot about self discipline and the ability to defend myself! I also have a lot of fun in your class. I’ve met a lot of people! Thank you!!"


"Master Lee, my son had his doctor appointment today, they were very impressed, although very disbeliving that the taekwondo training is what has helped him so much. At this point, he has an adderall medication to take on an as-needed basis because they would not just stop it, but he has not taken it since our second week in class and is doing fantastic! Before we started Training with you, he was going to “therapy” 3 times a week and was unhappy and hard to get along with. Now he is going to therapy every 6 weeks as needed and is growing so much every day. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you sir. You have truly been a blessing to Us".


"I saw a difference in my son after the very first semester with Master Lee. His grades improved from C’s to A’s and B’s, and his confidence level is phenomenal! Before, he’d sit back and wouldn’t participate in class, but now, he’s a leader in his classroom. He can meet and talk to anybody!"

- Becky S

about her 11 year old son

"We’d had to pull our son from the private school he was in due to his poor behavior; he hit other children, he wouldn’t pay attention, and he was rude and defiant to his teachers. After only two months with Master Lee, you’d think he was a different child! He’s been getting excellent reports from his teachers, and he’s very respectful. The gift Master Lee has given us is priceless!"

- Nick M

about his 9-old-son

"When our son’s ongoing behavior problems resulted in an in-school suspension, we asked Master Lee to intervene. He worked with our son, met with his teacher, and to our amazement, the good reports started coming home almost immediately. We couldn’t be more pleased!"

- Brian S

about his 9-year-old son

"Our son Joshua started off in Master Lee’s Taekwondo program several years ago. As his skill level progressed, he also joined the Leadership/Instructor Program and the Weapons Program. In addition to learning self-defense, his maturity level, self-confidence, and focus have improved dramatically due to these programs. Master Lee has had a profound positive impact on Joshua, and we are grateful for his unique insights and teaching."

- Dr. and Mrs. Drew Tait

"I could never express in writing my appreciation for Master Lee and all he has done for my son and our family. Originally I selected his studio for location, but as soon as I saw Master Lee working with my son, I realized I had found a gold mine! Where other studios are focused around competitions, Master Lee was focused on building character and life skills our children can use in every aspect of their lives. I originally brought my son for self confidence because he was having issues at school, siblings, etc. Master Lee accomplished bringing him out of his shell in one session !! He had literally accomplished in one session more than a therapist had been able to accomplish in 6 months ! Since that original meeting I have seen amazing personal growth in my son as well as other children in the various classes. I can’t say enough about my son’s new found confidence, his respect for others and ability to stand up for what he believes in his heart. Another side benefit I have gained is my own growth as a parent, just from paying attention to what Master Lee teaches the children, and his experiences he shares with the parents as well. I recommend this program for every child. If you are a parent that struggles with your child at homework time, getting along with others, focusing, or being responsible this is the program. Master Lee teaches life skills that we as busy parents sometimes forgot to teach our children and basic learning skills our schools leave out."

- Jackie Trudell

Virginia Beach VA

"We are all so blessed to have you in our lives. Your dedication to helping each student reach their fullest potential both in and out of the class is truly appreciated. I have seen many positive changes in my children such as more confidence, respect and discipline. I am pleased with the changes in myself, especially in accepting my mistakes, learning from them and moving on. I am grateful to your for sharing your knowledge and your life!"

- Debbie Edwards

"Thank you, Master Lee, for teaching our children confidence and building their self-esteem. May God bless you and your family."

- Jeanine, Pat and Katie

"Thank you for teaching us! You never gave up until we got it!"

- Diane & Julia

"Thank you, Master Lee, for your patience, understanding and support. You have taught us more than you will ever know. It is an honor to have you as our “Taekwondo” Instructor, mentor and most important…our friend."

- Mike, Sandy, Matt and Mandy

"Your Taekwondo classes have helped me. I am stronger and my attitude has changed."

- J.T.

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