Taekwondo Tranining

Study Taekwondo Online or In-Class

Class for PeeWee advance at their own pace through ranks designed especially for them. Behavioral training focuses on self control and proper response to parents and instructors.

Junior Classes (Ages 7-14)

Chua Um (for Beginners)
For students 7 and older embarking on their Taekwondo training, the New Beginnings class sets a solid mental and physical foundation for further study. Students develop essential character traits of respect, courtesy, discipline, and confidence while increasing coordination, strength and stamina.

Jaeja Path (Intermediate Belts)
“Jaeja” is Korean for student, and these 7-16 year olds become true students of Taekwondo as they advance from yellow to green belts . They master increasingly complex physical techniques, including sparring, while learning how to set and achieve goals, focus on their tasks, and increase their learning capacity.

Joonbi Fusion (Advanced)
In this advanced class for blue to brown belts, all their training comes together to produce a student who is strong in mind, body, and spirit. Students learn complex sparring techniques, board breaking, and intricate forms. Most importantly, the mental skills become increasingly evident in home, school, and community environments

Karate student performing high kick in dojo


Physical- defend your self.
Fitness- defend your health.
Mental- defend your mind.

Joonbi Taekwondo promotes several key areas that contribute to building a better person, which is the mission of Human Engineer, Master Lee. From training at Joonbi, students benefit by developing confidence, discipline, respect, self-esteem, and focus. Taekwondo promotes an active lifestyle through both physical and mental exercise, and is a fun way to explore Eastern culture.

Martial Arts is a way of life, and guides the development of the whole person by building mind, body, and spirit. Through integrating combat skills and the art form, martial arts emphasize the human trinity (mind, body, spirit), the defense system of human survival instincts, and remains in an art form as opposed to sports form.

All Ages

Black Belt

Through fierce commitment and rigorous training, these students have earned a prestigious milestone in their Taekwondo training. They continue their hard work in a class designed specifically for their level of achievement.

Leadership Program

Available to students of any age, this program is the right choice for those who want to exhibit leadership abilities in all areas of life. Because teaching and learning are inseparable skills, focus is given to the entire process. Trainees will become critical thinkers, effective communicators, and confident leaders. Leadership students special classes and have additional privileges. This program requires commitment from students and their families. Joonbi students advance from white to black belts by mastering the attitudes and techniques of each rank. Testing for all but the youngest children occurs every eight weeks, offering students the opportunity to move steadily through the program. Check the schedule of classes.

Adult Classes (15+)

Joonbi for Life

Because of its multifaceted approach, Taekwondo is the ideal program for adults who want to improve their quality of life. The physical benefits are many: practical and effective self-defense techniques, improved flexibility, posture, muscle control and balance, increased physical stamina, and weight control. In addition, students learn how to set and achieve professional and family goals, enhance memory and focus, and develop a vision for purpose and destiny for their lives.

How do martial arts differ from sports?

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