Spring Break Camp

During public school’s long breaks and when parents still need to clock in for work, this program offers to watch your child(ren), taekwondo classes, and to get their next rank within that week all while giving your child(ren) an extra boost in confidence!

Camp starts at 7:30 am (can be earlier if notified) and ends at 6 pm.

The price for the week is $169 and a 20% discount for a second child

Contact us today and register for camp!

master lee

Master Lee's Joonbi Taekwondo

2133 Upton Dr. #122 VIRGINIA BEACH,
VIRGINIA 23454-6904



How we do it?

Learning happens through personal experience. AT BEST, when HUMAN ENGINEER uses special teaching methods, Student will soar.

Ready to Learn

Today’s fast-paced, global culture demands students who are prepared with 21st-century skills including focus, creativity, memory enhancement, critical thinking, self-discipline.


Ready to Lead

Master Lee’s Joonbi approach develops students who can rise above their peers to become the next generation of leaders by instilling: confidence, decision-making abilities, communication skills,goal-setting.

Ready to Life

To train students who are strong in mind, body, spirit and ready for life, Master Lee focuses on the development of essential character traits including self-defense, respect, and responsibility.

Services (programs):

1. After school (Transportation + Homework Assistance + TKD classes)

2. Character Building Summer Camp

3. Evening Taekwondo Classes (Divide by age and ranking groups)

4. Birthday Party

5. Parenting Classes (by request and on line)