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"Most frequently requested item is 'DISCIPLINE'."
"It is a very complex concept, so let's make it clear."
"What can be another word for it?"
"It can be learning, training, and practice because word originate from disciple
which means a follower or student"
"Question is learning, training, and practicing for what?"
"ALL the different life skills just as confidence, focus, respect, how to control own
feeling, etc."
"Question will be; which life skill do you want? Let's be specific!"
"Please, let us have a chance to have a free class, I CAN HELP YOU TO GET
RESULT in a day or a week. try it"
"Remember? We are in the teaching business of BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT"



Focus solution for ADD/ADHD'

"ADD/ADHD stands for 'attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder' which refers
problem of paying attention or focus."
"It is the learned faculty just like any other skills."
"Question is do we know how to train anyone's focus?"
"Answer is no and yes. No, because we don't know how to in general society yet.
Yes because Martial Arts have been helped many people because it is the very best vehicle which is Oriental Secret."
"You can get results within a week, let me share a couple of the testimonial."


“Who wants to be more confident"
"Everyone! Is everyone have enough of it? Not really! Why not?"
"Simple! We don't know how to."
"It is a human resource which is unlimited not like a natural resource which is
limited. Another words we can have much as we want it if we know what, why, and how to gain confidence."
"Let me help you! Start with the definition of what it is."
"Confidence consists of 3 elements. Time, event, and entity."
"Time has category as tense which is past, present, and future."
"Confidence always dealing with future never past nor present such as 'I can be a black belt.' Not now but in the future."
"The second item is an event such as becoming a black belt as of any achievement you will get throughout your life."
"Third item is a sovereign entity which can be one individual or group of people such as community, organization, and state."
"Here is the conclusion of what is confidence - CERTAINTY OF FUTURE EVENT
"Everything is possible for him who believes. - Mark 9:23b"
"Please sign up for our confidence course."


Children studying in classroom with lockers.

Learning Skills

"What is learning?"
"Knowledge is a human-developed way of survival method, unlike an animal."
"Animal survival method is things inherited by gene, however humans inherited unlimited potential without knowledge. No one can inherit parents' knowledge, everyone must learn throughout their life to survive and their success."
"Therefore, 'How well can I learn?' will be a vital question to answer."
"Even this critical matter, we do not have an answer on 'How to learn?', yet!"
"Here is the point that you should consider."
"Did your child(ren) or yourself learned 'how to learn' first before going to school? Why not?"
"Learning process is much more complex than driving a car. If then, you and your child(ren) start driving without the driver license first? How dangerous can it be and ineffective!"
"Yet, almost everyone goes to school without learning skill first. How amazing is this?"
"Let me help you and your child(ren) in this matter."

Meaning Of Life

"Meaning of life is unique to everyone such as every individual is unique."
"If then, how can we define the meaning of life for general purpose? Can we?"
"My answer is 'YES'"
"It is 'ANSWER nicely and ANSWERS on time.'"
"How is it so?"
"Please refer 'Principle of life #1' post - Total independence with total dependence. A simple way to say, no one can eat, drink, sick, and breathing for me, yet every life needs air, water, and food. But, no life can supply it by self, it is total dependency."
"Same way, everything happened in this world no one has any control what so ever not even single thing."
"Only option we have a response or answer on what happens in everyday life.
"Let's ask what is another word for meaning? It can be a purpose, reason, and so on."
"But spiritual term will be calling - the only option we have will be answering to the CALLING!"
"Each one of us must find what is my CALLING will be! That is your choice which most unique."

Two martial artists smiling outside dojo.



"Do you know that root word of happiness comes from 'happen.'"
"Of course, good things happen to you, you are happy, not good things happen to you, you are not happy."
"Then, what is the point?"
"We need to ask an important question, 'What is a prerequisite condition of to happen?'"
"You may say a lot of work or labor. But, to me, it is 'LIFE', first - Aha! No life, nothing happen. With life, all the things can happen with my choice. But, no one made their life, it is given only temporal life in this world."
"Goal is can I get spiritual life which will be eternal life."
"That is why I did Taekwondo all my life because it is a way of life which training BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT together. I don't know none other vehicles will do good as Martial Arts."

Life Skills

You may ask 'How to do a difficult task like that? It hasn't done yet as in the 21st century. It is true that a very difficult task, but we can't give up this challenge, because it is a matter of happy and fruitful life or not of the entire human race. However, my answer is 'Homo-Faber which means man the maker, especially 'TOOL MAKER. Think about this way 'How many knives do you have in your kitchen as the tool?' You may not know exact numbers, because for different purposes you may have a few butter knives, steak knives, utility knife, chef's knife, paring knife and etc. That is a knife alone, how many other tools do you have in your kitchen? You can't count it!"
We as humans use the many tools to get tasks done in daily life. If you use the proper tools you will get the job done or frustrate and fail. Just like this, we need to know how to make the proper tool for ENGINEERING HUMAN POTENTIAL.
This task I have been doing all of life. Because I am a Martial Artist and Grand Master Instructor. That is why I become the first Human EngineerR in the world.

Children boarding a taekwondo after-school program van.


"What is thinking?"
"Very tough question to answer."
Let's ask two questions: 'Can you think?' vs 'Can you think well?'"
"Answer for first question will be 'Yes' because it is an innate ability to every human being."
"Answer for the second question could be 'No, I can be better' because it is learned faculty like any other skills we need to acquire."
"Thinking is a mixture of several levels of mental activity." "That is why we don't understand clearly yet and not able to teach how to think well to our child(ren)."
"The purpose of thinking is clear of mind in front of infinite objects to make the right choice. Because life is making choice - please refer 'Answer nicely and answer on time.' in Meaning of Life."
"Question is, 'Would you like to teach thinking skill to your child(ren)?"
"Let's us help you on this topic."

Man reading book in a library setting.


How important is attitude?
Very important, some people may say, 'It is everything'.
Why is it important? Because it determines style of life for each person which based on value system. We as teacher and parents must understand it's concept clearly because it is the base of character building.
Here is a few questions about attitude;
Q1. How many different attitudes are there? Uncountable.
Q2. Can we possess all the attitudes? Of course not.
Q3. Option left to us will be 'We must pick and choose which attitude do we want.' Did you ever make a list of wanting attitude(character)? I never heard anyone make that list.
Q4. Without that list how can we teach 'Attitude or character building' to our child(ren) or students? Still we can teach, but not well! Only option left will be
'Monkey see, monkey do'.
Q5. Is this way do you want to teach? I hope your answer will be 'Absolutely not'.
The challenge is, we don't even have adequate names for different attitudes. What is the solution?
My answer is "We must possess the discerning spirit of human character and able to describe subtle differences. The fact is that language gives birth to civilization.
If you have any issues with your child(ren), please take an free introductory class

Martial arts student practicing high kick in dojo.