Who Are We?

Who are we?

We are the Martial Arts Academy.
(in teaching business – Education Industry)

What are we teaching?

We are teaching our students how to “Become an Individual”, in other words, “Human Engineering” through a comprehensive Martial Arts curriculum. Perhaps you are interested in discipline, building confidence, focus (solution for ADD/ADHD), respect, self defence, and physical fitness, etc. We have embedded all these values in our course “Becoming an Individual.” This is the ultimate goal for everyone and the purpose of education instead of focusing on separate items.

Martial Arts is an excellent vehicle for physical, mental, and spiritual training. However, instructors must have the competency for teaching mental and spiritual aspects of it. Most studios are teaching Martial Sports not Martial Arts. Martial Art’s ultimate goal is self-mastery. Becoming an Individual is the most challenging task for any natural person as it is a life long journey.

I, JH Lee, am registered as a Human ENGINEERⓇ (the first in the world); as a result of my life long training and study (over 50 years). “Existential Vacuum” – The term of Viktor Frankl, founder of Logotherapy – is the condition of failing to be an individual. This is all the reason, cause, and source of psychoneurosis (behavioral disorder – immaturity) because they fail to have their own identity, causing internally unhappiness. Therefore, many of our students benefit from a healing process through our teaching methods, our training has therapeutic effects. Now, it is your turn to start healing! Today!

What is a Human Engineer?

A Message to all the 'Educational teacher and all the Martial Arts masters'

How much potential does each person possess?
How much does each person use it?
Known as less than 10%
What a waste. Why?
Because we don't know how to ENGINEER HUMAN POTENTIAL.
This is the problem of the current education system.
Then, what are the problem and its solution?
The problem comes from we are confused with the dimension of knowledge level.
The first dimension of knowledge is for avocation which matching with physical needs.
The second dimension of knowledge is for character building which matching with mental needs.
The third dimension of knowledge is for self-transcendence which matching with spiritual needs.
Ask yourself 'Does the public school teach character building in their curriculum?
You know the answer already. No. The burden of teaches this level of knowledge to leave all up to each parent.
Challenge is "How many parents can do this job efficiently? "Not many.
This is the BLUE OCEAN MARKET for you.
It is time for you to meet the first HUMAN ENGINEERⓇ in the world.
We will get you results in a day, try the free trial class first.
After that, the decision is yours.

How we do it?

Learning happens through personal experience. AT BEST, when HUMAN ENGINEER uses special teaching methods, Student will soar.

Ready to Learn

Today’s fast-paced, global culture demands students who are prepared with 21st-century skills including focus, creativity, memory enhancement, critical thinking, self-discipline.


Ready to Lead

Master Lee’s Joonbi approach develops students who can rise above their peers to become the next generation of leaders by instilling: confidence, decision-making abilities, communication skills,goal-setting.

Ready to Life

To train students who are strong in mind, body, spirit and ready for life, Master Lee focuses on the development of essential character traits including self-defense, respect, and responsibility.

Services (programs):

1. After school (Transportation + Homework Assistance + TKD classes)

2. Character Building Summer Camp

3. Evening Taekwondo Classes (Divide by age and ranking groups)

4. Birthday Party

5. Parenting Classes (by request and on line)