What is ADD/ADHD, and What are the solutions? Part 2

Why do we need attention?

To find the answer “why do we need attention?” it is necessary to investigate what functions humans process. Human beings are composed of body, soul, and spirit. Andrew Murray clearly defines each attribute's purpose as follows; “The spirit is the seat of our God-consciousness; the soul of our self-consciousness; the body of our world-consciousness.” In other words, the body controls tangible items, the soul controls beings in that intangible world, and the spirit controls the transcendent world beyond the being dimension. 

A person is a unique and indivisible entity.

A human being consists of body, soul, and spirit. Three parts of a human being make it easier to understand them. It must be made clear that the individual is an indivisible and unique being. Using the prefix "in," meaning negation, and the root word "divide," meaning separate, the term "individual" explains that an individual is unique and indivisible. This means that it defines what humans are and, as such, hints about the role attention plays in this foundation. As human beings, all of our activities are guided by our minds, and attention is the fundamental power that controls our minds. In answer to the philosophical question of “What is the body?” can explain, "It is an exact representation of the soul." Ludwig Wittgenstein(1889 - 1951) said the same thing as follows, "The human body is the best picture of the human soul." When I realized this key point, I understood how to train the invisible soul, and it allowed me to unravel the clues to the answer to find the way.

Functions of body, soul, and spirit:

Physical(body) functions are; To be aware of the physical world through senses, respond with the world, act, and perform. 

Soul functions are; Three, to think(IQ), feel (EQ), and exercise willpower. 

Spiritual functions are; Worship, faith, communion, transcendence, etc.

All of the functions mentioned above are related to human attributes: body, soul, and spirit. But without learning, all the human potential is wasted. The body, mind, and spirit have their unique function, but the learning function is the main engine to develop all the abilities. However, without faculty of attention, learning can not happen. Here we can understand the hierarchy of faculty. Attention faculty is the primary faculty of all. Learning faculty is second primary faculty as follows. 

Because the body, soul, and spirit functions are different, the learning method to develop each function is inevitably the other.

 and research on those methods is needed for effective learning. Therefore, the learning function is at the top of all functions. However, suppose we are aware that even this learning function does not work without attention. In that case, we can agree about the absoluteness of the faculty of attention. This is the reason attention is the prime faculty of all. 


Learning can not happen without the ability to pay attention. Attention is the prime purpose of Learning. The second purpose of attention is to work with the learning function together to increase all the functions of three human attributes. Learning is the unique characteristic of human beings. The purpose of attention becomes clear when we realize once again that survival is that animals depend on genes, but humans rely on learning. The first purpose of attention is to learn. Attention is the prime faculty of all, and learning is following. 

To explain the second purpose of attention, we need to explore the meaning of learning to humans. This issue is big enough to cover a separate topic but let’s get to the conclusion to answer. Learning is the transformation of being. Once a person learns, whether good or bad, no one can take away from that person. And each person becomes a different being. Thus life is a pilgrimage of finding one's own identity. The second purpose of attention is becoming a unique individual with a learning faculty.

Prerequisites for the next step

We must admit that we know too little about the faculty of attention and learning. We are highly underrated on the importance of attention and learning. Proof of this claim is 1 - we don't know how to cure ADHD naturally well enough. 2 - We are still not aware of the difference between the task of learning and the method of learning. This second reason is important because it offers big hints for finding answers to developing attention and curing ADHD.

Thank you for reading.


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