What is confidence?

“For those who believe, no proof is necessary.  
For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.”   -Stuart Chase

What does everyone want but not everyone has? Confidence. Please refer to the “Human Engineer” page on the website. What is it?

The human body is bounded by space and time within “physics” but, the mind is metaphysics, “meta” means beyond. We need to combine these two realms, “physics” and “metaphysics”, in order to understand human life and to define what confidence is. Furthermore, we need to find harmonized congruency with the spiritual realm (supernatural). At another time, I will cover the following question, “What is the difference between mind and spirit?” Let’s continue now with the topic of confidence within two realms: “Physics” and “Metaphysics”.

When things happen in space we call them events, accomplishments, or achievements.
We call what happens in the timing belt “tense”, which has past, present, and future. Past is always concrete, the present is always ambiguous, and the future is always unknown.

As long as humans are alive, we must do something – that is our destiny. Life is so empty, unoccupied by some activities, no one can bear the emptiness and boredom. That is the drive we have instinctively. It ironic is nobody knows how to live a life before they live it. – but have to live it now. At the same time, we have a fear of the unknown as well as failure. That is why confidence is rare and not easy to gain.

Confidence has three elements:
● Events: things happening, such as achievements, works, or accomplishments
● Tense (time): past, present, future
● Entity: governing body, a being, one’s own mind

When we talk about the confidence we are limited to future events. Nothing is here yet, but we can imagine what we would like to be done; that is a future event and there is where confidence begins! Now, we need to support this future evens with desire, intellect, and character to put it into action to make it a reality. At the point of imagining future events, they have been done mentally but not physically. It has been done in the “metaphysics” realm, but not yet in the “physics” realm. In other words, the mind has abilities to imagine and create new events in “metaphysics” – beyond the physical world. With confidence, it will give us meaning to direct physical energy to create our daily life.

Here is my definition for confidence; “Certainty of future events formed in one’s mind”.

Confidence offers belief, as it gives the holder the power to direct their time (part of life), energies (physical strength which turns into action), efforts (intention which turns into the drive), methods (intellect which turns into know-how), and character (an attitude which turns into a level of standard – acceptance of result) to shape the future however he or she wants, as the future belongs to them. Of course, we need background knowledge of the area you want to accomplish, the imagination of the new event, as well as willingness to put forth an effort. Since I defined confidence, the next questions that should follow are:

Why do we want confidence?
How do we gain confidence?
How do we measure confidence or direct its process?

The Human EngineerⓇ has the complete answer for this, I look forward to presenting this to you in the near future.

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Ⓒ 2014 Jeeho Lee, Human EngineerⓇ