The martial arts attract students by offering confidence and security.

Rather than being a preference, this desire to start training is a matter of survival and instinct. Please refer to my post, “What is Martial Arts?”

As a lifelong Taekwondo instructor, I have consistently analyzed the following questions:
“What is confidence?”
“What is the exact definition of confidence?”
“How to gain confidence?”
“What is different between confidence and self-confidence?”
“Why do people want it or need it?”
“How to measure confidence?”

I need to teach my students, therefore I myself need to know how to direct this process.

Can you imagine how much research I have done, how many sites I have explored to get the right information, how many books I have bought on this topic alone? Confidence demands much attention and I have worked on this topic for more than 30 years.

Now, I can clearly answer all the questions!

Definition of confidence: Certainty of the future event formed in one’s mind. Please refer to my post “Confidence: Insight into Reality” where I have made this clear. Confidence is not a tricky thing anymore! You don’t have to force yourself to believe something you can’t convince. It is not just how you feel which will be changed in a minute! It is all logical and supported by scientific methods.

The following topics will be posted soon:

Why do people want confidence?
How to gain confidence?
How to measure confidence?