Why is attention important?

This article is part 2 of “What is ADD/ADHD, and What are the solutions?” 

The first part is the answer to what is attention - the definition. The second part is why we need it, answering “Why is attention important.” This part should relate to the purpose and how to use attention ability.

Why do we need attention?

To find the answer to “why do we need attention?” it is necessary to investigate what functions humans possess. Human beings are composed of body, soul, and spirit. Andrew Murray clearly defines each attribute's purpose as follows: “The spirit is the seat of our God-consciousness; the soul of our self-consciousness; the body of our world-consciousness.” In other words, the body controls tangible items, the soul controls beings, which is the intangible world, and the spirit controls the transcendent world beyond the being dimension. The question is, “What do humans need to do with this constitution?” Such a gigantic question. Let’s bite one spoon at a time. We can do it.

The first concern of humans is survival.

Humans want to survive because they love life. Humans come into this world without survival ability but with potential only. Humans acquire the ability to survive through learning, unlike animals who get through their genes. The first conclusion of the purpose of attention is to learn. Without attention ability, no one can learn. The irony is that paying attention results from cultivation like any other ability. Humans must develop their potential into skills. This process of turning potential into abilities or skills is called learning. 

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What is the real meaning of learning?

What is the true meaning of education?

The following question will be “What shall we learn?”

What are the functions of the body, mind, and spirit?

The answer to “What shall we learn?” should start with the functions of the body, mind, and spirit.

Body - to act, to perform, for precision or excellency.
Mind - to think(IQ), to feel(EQ), and to have willpower.
Spirit - worship, faith, communion, etc.

Every event or activity starts in the human mind. Can any of us act on something that isn’t in our minds? It is impossible. It must be in one’s mind first to follow the action. Humans have to learn to receive information and build knowledge, but more importantly, humans need to develop the ability to think. To develop emotional intelligence means to develop character or attitudes. Developing one’s willpower to exercise fully can be incredibly powerful. Developing these human functions is answering “What shall we learn?” The second conclusion of the purpose of attention is to develop the functions of humans.

Importance of character-building education.

Developing emotional intelligence means developing character building or attitudes. This area is probably the most needed area for people who have ADHD. Many ADHD students run into behavior problems. The reason is that problems exist every day but they don't know how to handle them. Can you imagine that? That is why they are frustrated, angry, anxious, depressed, defiant, etc. The real challenge is, do we know how to give good character-building education? NO! We all know that it is at an insufficient level currently. So, what are the solutions? We must develop an adequate character-building system to become mature human beings.

The “Human EngineerⓇ” teaching system will address and solve this issue. 

The third conclusion of attention is to develop the mature character needed to become one’s best self.

There are many more reasons why attention is of the utmost importance. In my next post, I will address the character-building system I have developed.

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