Practice makes perfect - Not true - Big misunderstanding

Do you want to get better at anything? Of course, everyone will say yes! Then how do we get better? Most people will say, “practice, repetition, or work harder until you get a better result.” Or many will say, "Practice makes perfect."

I don't think so. That's not true. That is only half of the story and very misleading. Oh yeah? How so?


Purpose of practice

Okay, let's begin. If we clearly define what practice is and why we practice, we will be able to reach the answer. So what is practice? Dictionary clearly defines it as "Habitual or customary performance or operation." Well, then why do we practice? Of course, there are a few reasons, but the most important reason is "to build a habit, a habit becomes skill" So do you have a few bad habits or even many? Of course, yes, all of us do. How then did we develop a few bad habits or even many?


Bad habits are also developed by a lot of practice.

That's right by practice! Rather good or bad. Like it or not, we cannot have any habits without practice. It's impossible. Well, then, can you imagine that “Everyone in the world practices very hard to build lots of bad habits.” Ohh! No! Unfortunately, it is true.

Wow! Ouch! What a headache! It hurts me so badly to figure out this truth.

Well, then what is the solution? The answer is first to understand what we want and how to get it. Second, the practice should be followed.

But, this is the most ironic part of life. Why? Because who knows and understands how to live a life before they begin to live a life? No one.  To practice life is the same as to live a life. And that is why learning from the true and the right teacher is far more important than learning just anyone. As Emerson said, "The important thing is not what to learn but with whom you learn.”


The cost of building a bad habit

Then, what is the cost of a habit? First is your time which is a portion of your life. Second, your effort. It's hard work and a whole lot of sweat. Then third, your cash. Ohh! Most likely, you will spend quite a bit of money to build any habit. These are the three most important resources of our life. Yet we spend all of these valuable resources to build a bad habit. Oh, what a waste!


The solution is to have the right guide.

Learning and practicing are an absolute part of human life. That's why we can't afford to settle for less. I am a very lucky person because I was taught by the best teacher, my Heavenly Father, and His Holy Spirit. I thank God for His instruction because He is the Best teacher in the world! The Bible says "The Spirit of Truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you." John 14:17[NIV] Oh, what a wonderful, wonderful Father He is.

So you need to check out my operation. I am the "Human engineerⓇ". My value system is based on the Bible, and my entire life is devoted to being a Taekwondo instructor. I have created a brand new Martial Arts style, “Human EngineerⓇ Taekwondo.” 

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