What is the real meaning of learning?

The conventional meaning of learning is “to gain or acquire knowledge of or skill in something by study, experience, or being taught.” It isn’t a wrong answer! But it isn’t an answer for a fundamental reason. 

The definition of learning is humans' existential issue — much more than gaining some knowledge and skill. Everyone knows that learning is vital to everyone. The question is, “Why is it important?” The answer follows.

Animals and humans survive differently; genes versus learning.

There are so many differences between humans and animals. In this case, genes versus learning. Every life in this world can survive through their genes, but human beings are born with potential only, and the ability to survive for humans is through learning. Of course, one could argue that animals need to learn hunting skills to survive. Despite this, the depth, duration, and significance of the lessons beasts must learn to survive are incomparable to humans. The first reason is the time it takes for them to mature physically. Small animals, such as rabbits, reach maturity within four weeks, while large animals, such as tigers, reach maturity after one year. In contrast, humans mature after nearly two decades (only physically). Therefore, learning is an existential issue for humans.

Humans become themselves through learning.

At the first level of learning, humans acquire the ability to survive. The importance of learning is revealed in this next level. Human beings are composed of body, soul, and spirit. Everyone comes into this world with nothing but potential. They don’t even know what and who they are. But, humans have the power to become who and what they are and shape their destinies through learning. Becoming one’s self is the true meaning of learning, not just becoming a money-making machine that is more akin to animal life.

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Alfred Korzybski wrote a book called “Manhood of Humanity” in 1921. The title of chapter three is; “Classes of life.” He said, “Humanity is a peculiar class of life which, in some degree, determines its destinies; therefore in practical life, words and ideas become facts—facts, moreover, which bring about important practical consequences.” In his idea, classes of life are three:

1 - Chemistry-Binding: The life of plants
2 - Space-Binding: The life of animals
3 - Time-Binding: The life of Humanity

How beautiful and clear the idea is! 

The world we live in is composed of time and space. There are countless lives in this world, but only humans can be conscious of time and make themselves with time and learning. 

Stefan Klein wrote as follows in his book [The Secret Pulse of Time] “The perception of time is a highly sophisticated faculty of the mind that engages nearly all functions of the brain, encompassing physical sensation, sense perception, memory, the ability to craft plans for the future, emotions, and self-awareness. If even one of these mechanisms is incapacitated, our ability to gauge time gets distorted or even lost.”

As you can see, no other form of life possesses the ability to be aware of time as humans can. Some may argue that plants and animals are also aware of time. Yes! Plants and animals are conscious of time but are limited on a biological level, which one needs for physical survival. Time exists in the past, present, and future tense. Humans live in the past, present, and future as "I was," "I am," and "I become/will be." Because of this meaning of learning, humans can create the following concepts: history, culture, tradition, legacy, and so on. The various concepts that are only possible in the human world cannot exist without the ability of Time-Binding. Those concepts can be better understood with the characteristics of learning.

Characteristics of learning.

1) Only a Human thing!
2) Distinctively individual thing!
3) Require engagement with the whole being.
4) Human resource developments.
Body - Action (Habits, Skills, Discipline)
Mind - Thinking, Feeling, Will
Spirit - Faith, Conscience, Communion, Worship, etc.
5) Find the meaning. (find the answer)
6) Learning permanently changes a person
7) Faculty to transform a being. (BECOMING SELF)
8) Lifelong PROCESS.


The first purpose of learning is to gain the ability to survive physically. 

The following purpose of learning is to BECOME ONE’S SELF. Humans can create what and who they are through learning. 

The final purpose of learning is spiritual reason. Humans are the only beings who know that they must die. Therefore, humans long for eternity and long for a transcendent beyond this world. 

Human EngineerⓇ Taekwondo will teach those values.

The true meaning of learning is becoming yourself and fulfilling your longing for eternity, and there are many questions to ask. Such as—
“How can I find the meaning of life?”
“Where can I learn that?”
“Am I just interested in survival like an animal, or do I want to become my true self?”
“Am I a money-making machine, or What is to be my next level(s)?”
“How can I learn those values?”
Edward Young(1681-1765, an English poet) said, “We are all born originals - why is it so many of us die copies?”
“Will the public education system teach these values?” The answer will be very doubtful.
“Is there any place to learn these values?”

You can find answers at Human EngineerⓇ Taekwondo. I am using Taekwondo as an excellent vehicle. But, I am teaching those higher valued items. I know everyone expects a self-defense-oriented sports center because I use taekwondo as the vehicle. Therefore, if you are looking for higher values that include more than self-defense, you can find them in my program.

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Thank you for reading.