Quite frankly, this question isn't the right question! Shall I tell you my style is best? Of course not. Am I proud of my style? You bet the money on it. Every martial art instructor and master should be proud of their own style. Yes! Why not? I can understand everyone wants to get the best choice and make the right decision. However, every style of martial art instructor will be proud of their own style. Then, who is going to answer the question without prejudice?

I will answer this question without prejudice.

I will! Please allow me to be honest to answer this question and lead people in the right direction. I have no interest in offending anyone, misleading anyone, and taking this opportunity to brag about my style. We do need exams that purpose of the original question clearly to get the right answer. Do people want to get help with ADHD through martial arts training? Then, who can help ADHD is the right question to ask rather than style. Yes, martial arts are great for building confidence and generally improving the ability to pay attention. However, the style of martial arts has very little to do with the solution of ADHD rather it is on each instructor and master. Because the solution to ADHD comes from;

1. How well can ADHD students learn to pay attention first?
2. How well can any style of martial art instructor teach how to pay attention, second?

Style doesn’t teach attention but a master who knows how to teach attention. The key point is who can teach the ability to pay attention well, and ADHD students can establish a good relationship with that instructor to learn. Because the most important factor is who can teach the ability to pay attention. If an instructor or master does not know how to improve attention ability, the result will be the bare minimum.

The 2nd factor is “Does an ADHD student have confidence in instructors?” And “Able to build a good student and teacher relationship?” The 3rd factor is that both parties can commit to each other for a while. It can not be a quick process. Anyone can get some help from any martial art style, but the important question is how effectively can anyone get the result that they want? It relies on who can teach “ability to pay attention” is the prime factor. One more key factor to consider is that “It is a very complex task to improve the attention ability.”

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