February 10, 2022

Will martial arts help with ADHD?

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Will martial arts help with ADHD?


I got this title from “People also ask” from Google search when I wrote about “What is ADD/ADHD and what are the solutions?” 

The answer will be most definitely, “Yes.”

However, there are many other factors that readers need to know. That is the purpose of this post.

The question is, what is the relationship between martial arts training and help with ADHD? Without understanding what will happen between these two activities, the answer will not be relevant or misguided.

As anyone can see, it is a multi-facet of factors, and a combination of each element will make a different result and get different levels of success or failure. Getting the solution for ADHD isn't a simple matter; it is life-changing. 


What is martial arts, and what does it produce?

What is martial arts? (Please refer to an article from my website)

  1. Arts are like food for our minds. Our body needs nutrition every day to function correctly. Just like it, our mind also needs nourishment. 

  2. To understand “What do martial arts produce?” We need to ask the question, “Why do martial arts originate from the East? Why not from the West?” The main reason for this will be cultural and traditional differences between East and West. Differences are Eastern-focused holistic versus Western-focused analytic, compete within self versus competing with others, higher value in intangible items or being versus tangible items or winning.

  3. Differences in Eastern and Western Perspectives on Learning

It is a training method for all parts of the human constitution, which is body, soul, and spirit. And it is rooted in many thousand years of accumulated traditional value. That is why it has shown its beauty, power, and mysterious value. Style isn't the most important matter to get the best benefit for ADHD. Instead, can you find the right Master who can teach you mental value can get help on ADHD? 

What is ADD/ADHD, and what is the cure for that?

ADD stands for attention deficit disorder, and ADHD for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It refers to the difficulties of paying attention. For its solutions, we need to find answers to a few questions. (For more information, please refer to the article “What is ADD/ADHD and what are the solutions?”

The first purpose of attention is for learning; without paying attention, learning can not occur. No one is born in this world with the ability but potential. Thus, teaching this ability from each one’s potential is the key to the solution.


Learning is the common ground of two questions.

Learning martial arts and learning how to pay attention is the common ground of two questions. Therefore, who can teach effectively is the right approach for your success. It is a very complex task of training one to pay attention. It requires knowledge of psychology and philosophy furthermore knowledge of spirituality. Of course, any martial arts studio can claim they can do it, but how effective it can do it depends on the quality of the master.

Good luck with your search.

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February 10, 2022


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