Why is education so important for humans?

The conventional answers for why it is so important for humans are like 1 - Creating more employment opportunities, 2 - Securing a higher income, 3 - Developing problem-solving skills, etc.  Yes, it is correct, that is the result everyone desires. However, it isn’t the primary reason. This conventional understanding is limited to physical needs.

The primary reason is to start with the ability to survive.

Every life in this world gets the ability to survive through their genes, but human beings are born with potential only, and the ability to survive is acquired through learning. Of course, one could argue that animals need to learn methods of how to survive like hunting skills. However, the depth, duration, and meaning that beasts must learn to survive are incomparable to humans. The first reason is the time it takes to fully grow physically. In the case of a small animal like a rabbit it takes 4 weeks, and in the case of a large animal like a tiger takes a year. But, in the case of humans, it takes nearly two decades. Do you agree with me, now it is a totally different dimension? The second point goes beyond the physical aspect to the mental and spiritual aspects.

Education is a phenomenon unique to humans.

For beasts, nothing more can be expected than survival. However, human beings are able to create their own identity of existence through the power of education. The point is why education is so important, beyond the physical needs, it is absolutely necessary to become a human being. The definition of education can be “to facilitate each person’s learning to bring out potential they possess.” The fact is all those potentials each human possesses can be actualized only through the learning process. Therefore, without understanding the learning process clearly, no one can have an effective education system. 

Has the education system failed? 

Readers already know the answer. The conventional understanding of education is limited to survival and physical comfort not to mental and spiritual human needs. This is the limitation of human consciousness in the present era. Therefore, the clue to the solution is to extend the answer to the question of why education is so important for humans. Naturally, we must extend human consciousness beyond the needs of the human soul and spirit. We really need a paradigm shift of “Why is education so important for humans?” The best vehicle for solving the education system is Martial Arts, not Martial Sports. Because art trains the human mind and spirit. 

Why is education so important for humans?

Because each human being can transform himself through education. Education has the inherent ability to transform one's being.

Thank you for reading.  

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