What is the true meaning of education?

The best way to understand the true meaning of education will be to study the word's origin, called etymology.

The word education comprises four parts; “e” + “duce” + “-ate”+ “-tion.”

“E” means out, “duce'' means to lead, “-ate” is the suffix that means causing, “-tion” is another suffix that makes the word noun form. Therefore, its true meaning is “to facilitate each person’s learning to bring out the potential they possess.” 

Without understanding the learning process clearly, there is no effective education system.

 Learning transforms human potential into competence, so unless we understand learning clearly, we cannot answer what effective education is. No wonder the modern world has so many problems with the education system! We must answer the question of what learning is and how to learn?

Why “Learning how to learn?”

We need to “Learn how to learn” before we start learning. Without understanding the learning process, we can not perform learning very well. That is why we need to recognize the difference between the learning process and the task of learning. The learning process is very complex and not easy to do. How stressful were you when you went through schooling? Perhaps very stressful. Why? Because we must learn yet don’t know how to learn well. That is the reason! Let’s make a comparison, in this case, to understand easier. Would you put an employee on the job without training to do the given task? That will be insane. However, most common parents do this to their child(ren). It is like we are asking our underage child(ren) to drive a car without teaching them how to drive a car first. Driving(the same as learning itself) isn't the same as how to drive a vehicle (learning process). The serious question we must answer is, “Do we know how to learn well?” Yes, we do know some ideas about how to learn, yet not very clear. That is a big delusion. Why are schools so stressful? The answer is we want to do the job of learning, but we don't know how to do the job well.

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The definition of education leads us to a few more questions.

Such as: 

1 - Why is education so important to humans?
2 - What is learning and how to learn?
3 - What makes an effective education system?
4 - How do you identify the potential or gift of a child?
5 - What are the needs of humans?

Please look for the next post for the above questions?

Thank you for reading.