From: Jackie Trudell
I could never express in writing my appreciation for Master Lee and all he has done for my son and our family. Originally I selected his studio for location, but as soon as I saw Master Lee working with my son, I realized I had found a gold mine! Where other studios are focused around competitions, Master Lee was focused on building character and life skills our children can use in every aspect of their lives. I originally brought my son for self confidence because he was having issues at school, siblings, etc.

Master Lee accomplished bringing him out of his shell in one session !! He had literally accomplished in one session more than a therapist had been able to accomplish in 6 months ! Since that original meeting I have seen amazing personal growth in my son as well as other children in the various classes.

I can’t say enough about my son’s new found confidence, his respect for others and ability to stand up for what he believes in his heart. Another side benefit I have gained is my own growth as a parent, just from paying attention to what Master Lee teaches the children, and his experiences he shares with the parents as well.

I recommend this program for every child. If you are a parent that struggles with your child at homework time, getting along with others, focusing, or being responsible this is the program. Master Lee teaches life skills that we as busy parents sometimes forgot to teach our children and basic learning skills our schools leave out.